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Internet is full of sites with a wide range of FREE offers. Many times, the word FREE is used as a means to attract customers who will eventually pay for the product or service. It is absolutely necessary, when visiting a new site for the first time, to be very cautious in order to avoid unpleasant surprises (fraud, virus, spam, malware etc.). How to check a website's trustworthiness?

Free Games
Websites offer free online click and play games or free online games to install on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop. Many sites such as BBC, CNN, GOOGLE PLAY and YAHOO! are trustworthy and provide a great number of games for free.

Free Online Store
Online stores are becoming very popular. Start an online store with your own products and/or services, build an aStore for Amazon Associates or join the PUMA Affiliate Network - there are many options - many for free.

Free Online Income Opportunities
Displaying ads on your websites or blogs, writing articles, doing research etc. may become sources of income. Many trustwurthy sites such as Amazon, eBay and Google offer online income opportunities for free.

Free Widgets
Widgets may be very helpful and informative for your website and/or blog, for your smartphone, your tablet and/or your desktop. Most widgets are offered for free.

Free TV
Web TV is becoming very popular. Many TV stations give you the opportunity to watch their programs live or on video for free.

Free On The Web
Free Advice, Free AntiVirus/AntiSpam, Free Tools, Useful Websites, Directories and Wikis are few of the topics listed on this page. Visit the relevant webpage to explore a list of websites and a short description of their content. By clicking on a link you may get free advice, free downloads, free tools... A list of items provided for free on the web.

A list of HOW TOs about Browsers, Blogger, Google, Microsoft etc.

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